Notice of Non-Affiliation
Budget-iT is not affiliated with any financial services or debt settlement company. Contact the Budget-iT Team if you are offered this product of the product for a fee. Do not enroll with that company!
Budget-iT Team works very hard to offer a software product that complies with all applicable laws.

What Is Budget-iT?
Budget-iT is an easy to use budgeting app design to help consumers create smart financial plans, while being in control of their personal budget.

Can I settle my debt with the Budget-iT base package?
Absolutely not!!! Budget-iT is a standalone mobile application for you to keep track of your daily financial budget. The software does not recommend any type of debt consolidation or debt settlement process. This intuitive budgeting app has been designed to assist you in all the stages of your financial planning. Fully automated plug-ins and upgrades may be offered to conveniently expedite your financial goals. Keep in mind that an upgrade to the software may incur a nominal fee.

What does Budget-iT offer?
Budget-iT app provides these features, services and benefits to all subscribers:

Seamless budgeting process, accessible 24/7.
Automatic integration with the debt negotiation platform SettleiTsoft® to generate settlement proposals to creditors in an attempt to satisfy outstanding debt balances in collection activities.
Allows access to creditors and third-party agencies in order to accept or decline settlement offers from the debtors (or make a counteroffer).
Cloud Storage of all-important documents and communications associated to the debt negotiation process through the SettleiTsoft® platform.
How much does it cost to use Budget-iT?
There is NO charge whatsoever for enrollment and usage of the software app. Budget-iT is free.

What is a Settlement Savings account?
A Settlement Savings account is an account (within a financial institution such as a bank) where users save funds to settle unsecured debt. There are several convenient account options from which to choose: An Escrow Account, a prepaid Debit Card, ACH, or your own Savings Account.

Do I need to deposit a minimum monthly amount in my Settlement Savings account?
No, you do not. Remember, you control how fast you eliminate your debt. The Settlement Savings Plan you create is designed to resolve your debt within the period of time you choose. By consistently depositing the amount of money in your chosen Settlement Savings Plan every month, you should be able to achieve your settlement goals faster.

How do I interact with my creditors?
You may be able to interact with your creditors trough the SettleiTsoft platform. Creditors are provided access to platform and can view base-general account information through their own portal. Creditors never see your personal account or banking information. Creditors also have the ability to accept, decline or submit offers. However, even if a creditor accepts an offer, YOU complete the process by approving the disbursement of funds. Keep in mind that if you have a Escrow Account service, the service may verify to the creditor the availability of the funds offered for settlement as well as disbursement of the funds upon your approval to the creditor.

What type of debt can be negotiated?
As a general rule, you can negotiate your unpaid debts through SettleiTsoft which will assist you in negotiating any type of debt, not just debts in collection activities. As a rule of thumb, any type of unsecured debt can be successfully negotiated and settled using the assistance of the SettleiTsoft software. Credit card debt, medical bills in collections, department store cards, personal loans, unsecured lines of credit and revolving charge accounts are all examples of what can be negotiated and settled. These accounts may all be included in the SettleiTsoft system and activated for the settlement program by the debtor.
Debtors can always conveniently start, freeze or cancel any debt settlement program within SettleiTsoft anywhere, anytime. SettleiTsoft is a transparent system with the User always in control.

What is Unsecured Debt?
Unsecured debt is a type of contractual debt obligation that it is not tied to a specific material item, sometimes referred to as collateral, which could be repossessed by the creditor. An auto loan, for example, is a secured debt and therefore cannot be settled using SettleiTsoft since the creditor could legally repossess the vehicle.

Which unsecured accounts should you attempt to settle using SettleiTsoft?
Almost every personal “regular” credit card is acceptable. Other accounts which may be accepted include:
Collection accounts based on auto repossession (e.g., a vehicle is auctioned and sold; therefore, it is no longer a secured item and is now an unsecured debt which has been handed over to a collection agency).
Jewelry and Furniture store cards may be included as well only if the debt is now a collectible item and the jewelry or furniture is no longer in possession of the subscriber.

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